To visit in Pucon's region

Pucón is located between a lake and a volcano, which have the same name “Villarrica”. The Villarrica volcano can be climbed all the year and it is possible to see the lava sometimes. During summer, many tourist go to the large beach of the lake, surrounded by the “Araucanas” trees. The port of Pucón, it is one the best place to enjoy the sunset.

El lago Villarrica
El volcán Villarrica
El volcán Villarrica

The Villarrica volcano is one of the most active and threated volcano of South America. Every year, more than 15 000 tourists from all over the world come in Pucón to do the ascension of the volcano. At the top, at 2.854 meters, it is possible to see one of the 5 lava wells which exist in earth and to have an incredible view of the region. Venerated by the Mapuche population as a sacred mountain, the Villarrica and Quetrupillan volcanos represent the power of the 4 elements.

Lago ???
Lago Chico
Lago Verde

El parque Nacional Huerquehueis is characterized by its impressive , hight mountains and his beauty. The lakes of the park give a wonderful view in a peaceful place. The park is composed of several ways to discover the region: The 3/5 lakes way and the San Sebastian way which can be ended in the Rio Blanco hot springs. It takes between 1 and 4 days to realize the park depending of the ways you take. It is possible to camp or to stay in little huts directly in the park.

       Price of the entrance – high season (nov-mar):                         Price of the entrance – low season (apr-sep):

- Nacional adult: $3.000                                                      - Nacional adult: $1.500

- Foreign adult: $5.000                                                         - Foreign adult: $2.500

- Disabled adult: $1.500                                                       - Disabled adult : $1.000

- Senior (+60 years old) : $1.500                                       - Senior (+60 years old):$ 1.000

-Free for kids under 6 years old                                          - Free for kids under 6 years old

- Nacional kids (6-18 years old): $1.500                           - Nacional kids (6-18 years old): $1.500

- Foreign kids (6-18 years old): $3.000                             - Foreign kids (6-18 years old): $1.500

- Free for disabled kids                                                          - Free for disabled kids

Contact :


* (56) 961 574 089.

Playa Negra
Playa Blanca
Laguna Azul, Ojos del Caburgua


The most popular in Caburgua are two beaches: “la playa blanca” and “la playa negra”. It is one of the most beautiful places in Pucón. On the road of Caburgua, you can stop at “Los Ojos de Caburga”. There are waterfalls with transparent water.

How to go: by bike, there is a bicycle path (a return trip is 19km ​each); on foot; by car or by bus (Caburga bus in the local station)

More information here

Sanctuario El Cañi

The « Sanctuario El Cañi » is one of the most beautiful park of the region. The trek takes 7 hours
(round trip) and goes to the Cañi Mirador. There a magnificent view of the volcanos and of the entire region is waiting for you. 

Contact: ​ 

Sanctuario El Cañi
Sanctuario El Cañi
Salto El Claro
Salto El Claro


Salto del Claro

The Salto del Claro is a 70m hight waterfall lost in the middle of the forest. 

To go there : Bus 1 or 2

Trekking : 3h round trip, careful take a map with you.

Access free

Los tres Saltos

Access: by Cañi Park & Pozones bus , bus stop:  Tres Saltos

Trekking : 1h round trip


Route de los Siete Lagos

Lago Calafquen

Lican Rey


Access : Coñaripe bus wich goes to Villarica 

$1.400 one way