All the information to offer you an unforgettable stay in Pucón ! will provide you with all the information you need to know about sport activities and entertainment that Pucón offers, a guide of accommodations, restaurants and bars, and of course our tips to enjoy your journey and help you the best we can.

Pucón is surrounded by an amazing variety of landscapes which make it one of the best places in Chili for adventure tourism.

Wishing to relax around a natural and lovely place ? Try the thermal baths of the Geometricas or the Pozones. Fond of winter sports or trekking ? Climb the volcano of Villarrica to enjoy an unbelievable ride with view on the lake Villarrica and on the whole region. In search of adventure ? ride a bike and visit the Claro’s waterfall, the Ojos de Caburga and its great white-sand beach. Do not forget to cross the Cani park and the Huerquehue park as well as the Huilo-Huilo reserve to complete your trip in the area !

We are here to help you organize the best trip ever to Pucón so do not hesitate to contact us, we can also help you finding accommodation and transports. So, let’s discover Pucón, the top destination for outdoor enthusiasts !

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