Pucon over the season

In summer (from December to February):

Summer is probably the best season to enjoy Pucon with a sunny weather and no rain. The temperatures are between 21-23 degrees.

During this period, the town is very animated with festivals, animations, like the international jazz festival or even sport competition like the Iron Man.

In autumn (from March to May):

The weather is still pleasant during March and April with temperatures between 16 and 18 degrees, but it can be colder.

This season is more rainy than summer so it´s better to bring something to keep you warm.

The touristic activities are cheaper from the beginning of March, because it´s the end of the high Chilean summer season.

In winter (from June to August):

It is the rainiest period of the year with low temperature (10 to - 0 degrees).

For people who are passionate about winter sports, it´s the best season to come to Pucón. There are lots of activities and a ski station at the Villarrica Volcano.   

In spring (from September to November):

At the end of the winter temperature increase to an average of 12 degrees. You can enjoy Pucon in peace before the arrival of the tourists, in December.