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Unforgettable moment !

Enjoy a flight of approximately 20 minutes overhanging Pucón, the volcano and the lake Villarrica, before a jump of a height of 3000m for a freefall of 30s.
You have 5minutes of descent in parachute until the aerodrome of Pucón.
Immortalize your jump in a 10mn movie! (realized by demand).

Before each jump you get a briefing about technical and security rules with your guide.


- 1h30 all round trip from the agency

- 20mn of transport all round trip for Pucón’s airport

- 15mn on the ground of explanation of security rules and of the flight

- 20mn of flight

- 30s of freefall

- 5mn of parachute

Plane (Cesna 180, engine 250Hp)
Complete equipment
Graduate instructor in parachuting

The activity is accessible for people from more than 12 years old (with parental authorization for people under 18 old).
It is unadvised for people who suffer of vertebral or cardiac problems.

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