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Ana Maria

With more than 30 years, the Restaurant Ana Maria keeps the traditional recipes.We speak about this plates with identity of flavours unforgettable that few people has the privilege to know the secret. These recipes are created in a family spirit and transmitted from generation to generation, incorporating at the same time a gourmet touch that makes it simply unique: marinate, wine and simmered meats.

Over the years, Ana Maria has earned a place in the local and national gastronomy and has received lots of rewards and prizes. Here in Pucon we were winning the 1st gastronomic contest and we were recognized for our exotic specialities, with a clear and tasty bet: “Deer Oporto accompanied of a “passion of leeks and maqui” (typical berry) that represent the whole spirit of our restaurant. You can choose between quails meet, rabbit marinated, ostrich, wild boar, duck, goose and deer. Without forgetting our complete menu of seafood and fishes prepared with Pil-pil, aioli or parmesan… We recommend you our plate of seafood unique in town with a large selection; oysters, hedgehogs, mussels, shrimps… and for the fish, tuna.

We are waiting for you to our new address and with a new menu of Chilean specialities that we want to share with you: Râgouts, charquicán, simmered…

CAUPOLICAN 372 (in front of the parking of falabella) 045-2443658

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