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Une expérience culturelle et humaine au sein des communautés Mapuche.

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The Mapuche people are one of the largest living indigenous groups in the Americas, with more than a million people. Much of this is due to their long history of resistance, first to the Spanish crown, then to the Chilean and Argentinean armies.

It was not until the end of the nineteenth century that they were defeated. However, they have survived as a culture as new generations have inherited a high philosophy and way of life in balance with nature.

Mapuche, in native language, means "People of the Earth".
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Tour 4 : Classes of Mapuche loom weaving or Witral

Tour 3 : Guia antropólogica por territorios ancestrales

Tour 2 : Intercultural encounter, Pewenche Country

Tour 1 : The Pewenche’s Mountains Trail

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